Sunday, June 13, 2010

Project 3: Art Gallery, Shop/House

Some of my key ideas for designing this space was :
  • Respecting the bohemian ambiance of the street (Decorum)
I didn't want to come up with a form that has nothing to do with the surroundings. My building is approximately the same height as the neighbors. It is expanded in 2 levels.I tried to keep the general form of the building simple and not too flashy.

  • Being in harmony with neighbors
To achieve this I kept the general idea of the facades of my neighboring buildings specially the Dendy Cinema.
  • catch as much sun light as possible
The site is sandwiched between two buildings so I catch the natural light from roof. I also used the idea of roof light on top of each sculpture so it will be like a natural light projection on top of each sculpture to emphasize and celebrate it.
There is also a sunny sculpture courtyard. I located it on back of the site where it is exposed to the north light which is very desirable.

  • A representer of the art work which is enveloped.
I went through the art works of my artist and got some inspirations from him. I got the idea of glass panels with steel frame and applied it in the big show room as well as the office .
  • Manage the sequence of spaces in a way that achieve the most comfort for my client and security for the art works.
For example the office is located between the main entrance from King Street and the big show room. This allows a good control for the visitors as well as the precious art works in the big show room.
The big show room is located in the middle of the built area. It is the center of the building which celebrates the art works. It has a good natural light gained from the top roof.
There is another access to the building from the parking adjacent to the site. This entrance is perfect for loadings. It has a wide entrance that allows the bulky stuff get in. There is a storage room close to this entrance.
There is also another entrance via the back street. From this entrance visitors get straight to the courtyard where garden sculptures of Jass are presented.
On the top level there is another showroom around the glass walls of the centered big showroom. This is where each sculpture is projected by sunroof light individually.
On one side of this level ( the King street side) there is a workshop and a gathering space (living room). The work shop next to the show room on top floor captures my artist's own interest in art, and his need to reengage with it, and also share the experience with others. Furthermore the living area next to it is perfect for break times and gatherings.

Also my client asked for a small bedsit (minimum 40square meters) adjacent to the gathering space ( living area). This is located on the other side of top floor. It has a view to the back courtyard and back street where there is a park. It also gains a lot of sun light as it faces north.

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