Friday, October 23, 2009

Here is a collage I have done for one of the model making( the 4th one) workshops which I didnt complete it.
We were suppose to chose an aspect of Sydney CDB and show it in a collage. When I got there, I saw myself surrounded by high rised buildings as if they are hugging me. I was so impressed so I chose the concept of height and vertical elements. in CBD. In this collage I have also tried to show the the scales between beople and the buildings.

Workshop 3: Architecture in Motion

This is an animation I have created to show a movement in FBE space. The story which is followed is about a girl who has a design submission and is carrying a model. she enters the building, goes toward the elevator but it is out of order so she has to take stairs to get to level 5. in the midway she gets tired, she looks up to see how many stairs are left and then continues. When she see the sign of level five, she looks down the stair case to see how many stairs she has climb, suddenly her model slips in her hand and falls down to the ground level.

during this journey I have tried to show the space which is defined by stairs, the stair case and the experience of climbing the stairs in FBE and the lines and spaces which you see in this Journey.

workshop 3: Architecture in Motion

This is my pre submission,a draft of my animation

Monday, October 19, 2009