Friday, October 23, 2009

Here is a collage I have done for one of the model making( the 4th one) workshops which I didnt complete it.
We were suppose to chose an aspect of Sydney CDB and show it in a collage. When I got there, I saw myself surrounded by high rised buildings as if they are hugging me. I was so impressed so I chose the concept of height and vertical elements. in CBD. In this collage I have also tried to show the the scales between beople and the buildings.

Workshop 3: Architecture in Motion

This is an animation I have created to show a movement in FBE space. The story which is followed is about a girl who has a design submission and is carrying a model. she enters the building, goes toward the elevator but it is out of order so she has to take stairs to get to level 5. in the midway she gets tired, she looks up to see how many stairs are left and then continues. When she see the sign of level five, she looks down the stair case to see how many stairs she has climb, suddenly her model slips in her hand and falls down to the ground level.

during this journey I have tried to show the space which is defined by stairs, the stair case and the experience of climbing the stairs in FBE and the lines and spaces which you see in this Journey.

workshop 3: Architecture in Motion

This is my pre submission,a draft of my animation

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Workshop 2: atlas of Color

Side A
Side B

Here there are two sides of my book,A and B.
Side A contains different exercises we did during the workshop in 3 weeks.

Side B is like a tunnel showing the colour experience of a heeling centre, in Bondi junction, as you walk in. I like different shades of blue color that is chosen as the key color in the space-gives the feeling of peace and relaxation- and its combination with pearl white and gold( for decoration), purple(for carpet) and orange (for shelves)

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

workshop 2: Atlas of Color

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

In this exercise I chose an image of nature which shows the green color( that is my key color) in combination with other colors. I have showed this combination (keeping proportions) as an abstract.
Then I applied this colors and their proportions in interior of National dance Theatre, by architect Rem Koolhaas.

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

One of our tasks in this work shop was to choose an architect and his/her architectural book and then investigate the visual display of data and image and through the analysis of the layout and
navigation of your precedent architectural books.

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

This is a collage work of plan and elevation of Museumpark by architect Rem Koolhaas.

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

This exercise was so interesting for me. There where 9 people in our group. We put 9 papers together in 3 rows and columns and draw some lines showing mountains by pencil on the whole thing. Then each person took one paper and started to color the part of the mountain which where shown in their paper. the technic was to show the closer mountains in darker color and the farther ones in lighter.
Then we reput the papers together in the same order and this is what we created

workshop 2: Atlas of Color

workshop 2: Atlas of Color

Workshop 2: Atlas of Color

This is my atlas of color that is presented as a book Which has two sides A and B. On side A there are different exercises showed dealing with color. On side B there is a tunnel showing depth and space and the color experience as you walk in.
This is the cover of my Atlas on side A. My key color in this workshop is green

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Workshop 1: Fluid thoughts and movements to action

Here are all the pages of my portfolio in the order of each session exercises and homework.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Workshop 1: Fluid thoughts and movements to action

Here I have post some images of what we did in Fluid Thoughts and Movement workshop.

In this exercise first I have drawn the object and then with charcoal and then re draw the same objects on top of the first tome but with out moving head and looking down on the paper.The second drawing is in white charcoal.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Meeting space

These are Prada spaces,the first one is dressing room,the second one is the dining area and the third is the saloon with a catwalk
I am trying to upload my files since yesterday but I can't.My file does not upload in filefront and I have tried diffrent computers and internet connections but there was no difference.At the moment I am at FBE computer labs and I am trying,before that I have tried to upload through uniwide and my own computer,I have also tried my friends computer and internet connection but I wasn't successful.This is one of the errors:
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There was another error couple of hours ago (I dont have it to copy paste it )it was saying : filefront is currently down for maintenance please check back in few minutes!

Monday, June 22, 2009


mesh up

This is the third level for her own.the cone shape thing is an elevator which goes through the down to the meeting space with Prada. The idea behind this shape of elevator was drawn from the shapes which lights make when they are lighted in concerts on the singer.
The photo on the top shows her room with a big table and sofas for private meetings.
There are also two couches on the other side of this level in the room which is surroundes by glasses and sitting on the couches having look outside and with a friend would be very pleasant. There is also an access too balcony on this level.

This is second level of Madonna's office. The second image shows the recording room. Which has two parts seperated by a glass wall. The singer would be inside the glass wall. There is a big angled table outside the glass room which is for adjusting sounds and recordings

This is the first level of Madonna's office.the room with white wall is photo studio.

Madonna Office

This is an office designed for Madonna. There are three levels,two of them for her, there are rooms for sound recording and one room for photo shooting, and two big spaces for other businesses like recording videos,etc.On top of the building there is her own room for privacy , relaxing and other businesses like studying adoption, etc.