Monday, March 9, 2009

Jameh Mosque , Yazd , Iran

This mosque is a fine specimen of Persian architecture.
It is crowned by a pair of minarets , the highest in Iran (Persia), and the portal's facade is decorated from top to bottom in dazzling tile work, predominantly blue in colour. Within is a long arcaded courtyard where, behind a deep-set south-east iwan, is a sanctuary chamber (shabestan). This chamber, under a squat tiled dome, is exquisitely decorated with faience mosaic.Jameh mosque in Yazd(built in 12th century) is still in use today.It was largely rebuilt between 1324CE and 1365CE, and is one of the outstanding 14th century buildings of Iran.

This is a set of three paintings on 3 square canvases.The green colour which is used in all of them is some how relating them together.I wanted the paintings to be exactly the same as the fabric of the cushions.It took me one week to find this cushions at different stores and match them together and two days for the paintings.

I took this photo at Roma street park,Brisbane.This is one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen and I love its colours.

Gascoigne:Birdsong (1999)

birds, simulate , free
version 2:

retro reflective roadsign on wood
122 × 90cm

Moffat: fourth (2001)

defeat , reproach , missed

Colour print on canvas
36 × 46cm

Hall:Castles in the Air of the Cave-Dwellers (2008)

knowledge existent in the natural world , splice , similarity