Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Meeting space

These are Prada spaces,the first one is dressing room,the second one is the dining area and the third is the saloon with a catwalk
I am trying to upload my files since yesterday but I can't.My file does not upload in filefront and I have tried diffrent computers and internet connections but there was no difference.At the moment I am at FBE computer labs and I am trying,before that I have tried to upload through uniwide and my own computer,I have also tried my friends computer and internet connection but I wasn't successful.This is one of the errors:
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There was another error couple of hours ago (I dont have it to copy paste it )it was saying : filefront is currently down for maintenance please check back in few minutes!

Monday, June 22, 2009


mesh up

This is the third level for her own.the cone shape thing is an elevator which goes through the down to the meeting space with Prada. The idea behind this shape of elevator was drawn from the shapes which lights make when they are lighted in concerts on the singer.
The photo on the top shows her room with a big table and sofas for private meetings.
There are also two couches on the other side of this level in the room which is surroundes by glasses and sitting on the couches having look outside and with a friend would be very pleasant. There is also an access too balcony on this level.

This is second level of Madonna's office. The second image shows the recording room. Which has two parts seperated by a glass wall. The singer would be inside the glass wall. There is a big angled table outside the glass room which is for adjusting sounds and recordings

This is the first level of Madonna's office.the room with white wall is photo studio.

Madonna Office

This is an office designed for Madonna. There are three levels,two of them for her, there are rooms for sound recording and one room for photo shooting, and two big spaces for other businesses like recording videos,etc.On top of the building there is her own room for privacy , relaxing and other businesses like studying adoption, etc.

Madonna's office and the meeting space,
my have tried to design the meeting space totally different from the offices. Unlike the offices which are made by straight lines and 90 degree angles,the meeting space is curved shape, I wanted the atmosphere to be different.
There are four rooms for workers in this office.each of them has an elevator for access to other level.this is one of them,these rooms are for studying and designing cloths,hand bags and accessories

Madonna's own room is located in the bridge.It is  L shape and is separated to two spaces,one part which is for her privacy and the other part which has a window and part of it is out of the bridge.It is mainly for her meetings and guests.
there is an elevator in the wall which goes to the meeting space with Madonna
This is the changing room with steps to the catwalk
Here there is a cat walk in the main saloon of the office.At the back there is changing room

Prada secratary room,

In this room there is an elevator exclusive for her which goes upstairs where her room is.
There is also a table for meetings with workers and also the secretary table

prada office, dining and resting room for workers

Prada office upper level

Madonna and Prada complex


Sunday, June 21, 2009