Monday, May 4, 2009

In this modeling I was suppose to design to laboratory spaces for two scientists , Keith Campbell (outside the cliff in the space)and Alfred Nobel(in the cliff) and also a meeting space for them.
Since Campbell is a biologist and his researches are about animals cloning,I have designed a yard for keeping animals which he is doing research on and also cloned ones.
I have tried to apply the idea of DNA in designing his lab. When you look at the lab from out side you can see how two parts of the lab are twisted like DNA.
Campbells lab is consist of two parts connected to each other via 3 ramps from different points and 2 spiral stairs. His office is at the top end part of the Building. There is also a set of curved stairs where makes access to the yard and animals shelters.

There is a meeting space for two scientists where they chat and talk about the ideas they have come with.This meeting space has a main level and a mid level which the latter has access to a balcony. Its a place for thinking, relaxing or maybe watching campbells animals or have an explosion out of Nobels inventions.

The meeting space is consist of two U shape pluged cubes.I think that its a good simbol of unity and integration.

There are two reasons for making Nobel's lab in the cliff.First is his interest and research areas was explosive materials such as (TNT and blasting gelatine invented by him)which is useful in construction and demolition industries I think it is a good idea to design his lab in the cliff.
Second,is due to his work which is involved explosions loud sounds and sometimes vibrations that I think in side a cliff is a suitable place for such an experiments.
There are some parts in the lab which has high ceiling and thats because of the nature of his experiments which may produce some gases and its better to have a big high-ceiling lab area.

If you look upward the ceiling when you are in Nobel's lab you can see the chemical bound of nitroglycerin an explosive liquid and active ingredient in the manufacture of explosives,specially dynamite(Nobels invention).

light-shade textures

light and shading textures